TCP provides fee-based Corporate Advisory Services to assist clients in strategic, operational, financial management, and corporate finance needs. We also provide the management team and owners with reviews and assessments to overcome company challenges, as well as temporary C-Suite interim management services to accelerate organizational and financial improvements. This can include interim CFO, CEO, COO, Controller, and Corporate Finance staffing to assist in developing capital plans. We provide project-oriented senior principals and staff support teams to assist in merger and acquisition processes, capital raises, and recapitalization efforts.


Shareholder value creation can be a daunting task for boards and management of smaller emerging public companies. From our years of public company investment banking experience, our Principals have been responsible for more than a billion dollars of transactions, as well as extensive experience in providing operational and capital markets strategy to enhance operating results and capital structures, and market advice for capital in the following areas:

  • Growth Capital/Recapitalization
  • Strategy and Financial Models
  • Shareholder Value Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Enhancement Strategies
  • Financial Analysis to Optimize Capital Structure
  • Institutional Capital Strategies to suit Ccorporate needs
  • Interim Strategic, Operational, and Financial Management Services
  • Exchange Listing Advice and Counsel


TCP principals have extensive corporate advisory experience with emerging growth and lower middle market private companies. We can serve clients with the following services:

  • Corporate Finance and Capital Advisory Services
  • Operational and Financial Management Assessments
  • Capital Structure Financial Modeling Advice
  • Reorganization Counsel and Advice
  • Advice on Institutional Capital Strategy and Execution
  • Short Term and Long Term Budget, CAPEX and Cash Flow Model Advice
  • Strategic, Organizational, and Operational Advisory Services
  • Financial Management Reporting and Analysis Advice
  • Acquisition and Sell Side Advisory Services
  • Interim Financial and Management Services


TCP provides advice to companies when selling or purchasing divisions, assets, or companies. For a smaller company, this can be a complex and lengthy process that requires experience to achieve an optimal outcome at efficient costs.  We serve clients in the $5-25 million transaction range and have completed many assignments for both small capitalization private companies and microcap public companies. Some of the services we can provide are as follows:


  • Purchase of Strategic Business Units
  • Sale of Non-Core Business Units
  • Acquisition of Bolt-on Businesses to a Client’s Core Strategy
  • Purchase of Complimentary Business Units
  • Sale of Emerging Privately-Held Companies