TCP’s principals have over 75 years of experience in the capital markets including analysis of a client’s business, assessment of capital alternatives, transaction structuring advice, and determination of compatible institutional capital sources for execution of obtaining capital. We provide our clients the necessary information to make informed capital decisions through robust corporate financial models to evaluate capital structures consistent with shareholder value accretion.


We draw from long careers in investment banking and capital placements of institutional capital to advise and evaluate the appropriate balance sheet structure to fund a company’s growth or liquidity needs to meet our client’s capital and shareholder value needs. We have extensive backgrounds in initial public offerings, secondary, direct placements, bond, mezzanine and private equity placements, as well as institutionally-financed merger and acquisition transactions. This experience enables TCP to know and understand the types of institutional capital available in the market at a given time, and its pricing and fit with client needs. Among other capital services, we advise clients in the following areas:

  • Advise on Institutional Capital Providers that fit our clients
  • Advise and Evaluate Funding Models to define client needs
  • Advise on Types of Equity Structure Issuance
  • Advise on Types of Debt Issuance (bank, non-bank, subordinated)
  • Advise on Issuance of Mezzanine Securities
  • Advise and assess non-traditional institutional capital for interim capital needs


TCP principals have extensive experience in advising clients in recapitalizing their companies to fund growth, correct stressed balance sheet environments, and address excessive leverage. TCP serves clients in the following ways:

  • Evaluate and Advise on Strategic Initiatives
  • Balance Sheet Improvement Analysis and Execution
  • Evaluate Sale of Product Lines
  • Evaluate Operational Alternatives
  • Create Interim Liquidity Solutions
  • Advise on Creating Recapitalization Plan
  • Advise and Assist Management on Execution of Recapitalization Plan
  • Provide Interim Organizational and Financial Management Services


TCP serves client needs by analyzing and assisting management with one-time reorganization corporate advisory assignments to structure debt, equity, or other instruments to fund growth, to provide liquidity, or for purchase and sale of shareholder interests. We also provide additional specialized corporate finance services include analyzing financial models and instruments, as well as assisting in negotiations of these potential combinations of one-time, highly structured transactions to serve our clients.